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Looking to the future

As you are most probably aware, I have taken a bit of a back seat with regard to STC activities since October 2020. At a time when mental health is in focus more and more, I feel it is important to speak out when we are affected and I have to say that over the last few months of 2021 I really could not sustain the right degree of passion and serenity that is required to be the STC chair at the same time as having the energy to concentrate on initiating practical projects - that are desperately needed as we all look to do our part in contributing to achieving sustainability in the way we live for the sake of ourselves, the planet and future generations! I have certainly found myself running out of energy and vision at times and so after a time of reflection I have decided to leave the running of STC in the hands of the very competent current Steering Group and to continue a bit on the back-burner, but still as an active member, working on a number of projects instead.

First up on these - the Salisbury 2030 Zoom meeting only attracted 2 participants (thank you both for your willingness and enthusiasm!) and so I would conclude that either (a) the time is not right for thinking about Salisbury 2030, or (b) that there may be a different way to take this forward.

So for the time being I will be busy with:

1. posting an occasional blog on my personal efforts to achieve a net positive retrofit of my rather ill-suited energy-hungry house. I will be asking a few questions: Can mine become a zero carbon, zero waste, zero non-renewable resource household? Is it economically viable and can the installation costs ever be recouped? Are there actually any ‘green builders’ and tradespeople out there to undertake the work? And I’m sure I’ll have a huge amount more questions as we go. I hope the blog will become a place to gather information and advice on retrofitting and zero carbon housing and to instigate discussion for other householders seeking to make changes - or just help us get our heads around what would be needed for this country’s existing housing stock to stop being part of the problem.

2. The unquenchable Harnham Community Network that brought the world the Harnham Harvest Table last year (which shared surplus produce from our gardens with all those who hanker after fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a Christmas table). They have put together a Harnham 2030 team who I expect to forge ahead with their own plans for a ‘future vision’ for Harnham. With their agreement I hope we can share some of their experiences with others who might be inspired to do something in their own communities.

Hopefully we will have a way forward at the upcoming 2021 People in the Park, when we can always reconsider if a city wide initiative is warranted, and in the meantime I would encourage you to support the amazing STC steering group and get involved in helping to transform Salisbury into a real Transition City in whatever way you can.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of STC and look forward to being involved and see what we can all achieve in the next year.

Best wishes


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