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What is the Salisbury EcoHub

Salisbury Eco-Hub Alliance aims to provide a space in central Salisbury to inform and educate people about the climate crisis and what we can do about it. A shared space for the many groups and individuals in the area who are already concerned and active in various ways, and for all those who want to know more. A welcoming space with a cafe, a friendly atmosphere, and exhibitions and displays showing what needs to be done, what can be done, and what is already being done to make all our futures more sustainable and eco-friendly, despite the deepening climate and ecological crisis we all face.


We need to partner with local individuals, groups, organisations and businesses in order to make our vision a reality. There is no cost and no obligation. As we are still an embryonic organisation, there is at present no membership fee, and all are welcome to participate at this stage. Please fill in our membership form online here, or download a printable version here.


Please contact us by email at To receive our newsletter updates, please join our mailing list.

Who we are

The Salisbury EcoHub Alliance came out of an open meeting hosted by Salisbury Democracy Alliance and Salisbury RSA Fellows Network in May 2022, to discuss how Salisbury could best address the climate and environmental crises we all face. The meeting also included members of Salisbury Transition City, Salisbury Community Energy, Climate Circus (mobile climate change exhibition), XR Salisbury, Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Salisbury NHS Trust, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, COGS (cycling Salisbury), Pantry Partnership, Share Salisbury, Salisbury Repair Cafe, and Salisbury City Council - each active in their own way. They all united around the idea of creating a shared EcoHub to help co-ordinate and promote their individual efforts.
Salisbury EcoHub intends to work in partnership with all these organisations and others in the Salisbury area, and will shortly be launching a formal partnership scheme. At present we are just a loose collection of like-minded individuals, but we have consulted with other established EcoHubs and local Environment Centres to decide the best shape for a more formal organisation, and expect to become a charity (a Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in the near future.

An Engaged City

Salisbury and its surrounding area contains a large number of people who are concerned about climate change
and other environmental issues. Many are active in a large range of voluntary groups and organisations addressing one or more aspects of these problems. Many others are simply worried about the state of the world, and want more information and ideas of what they can do to make a difference. An increasing number of local
businesses, politicians and institutions are also getting engaged, and working out what they can do to help build a
more secure, sustainable future in these changing times. Salisbury EcoHub Alliance aims to bring together all these individuals, groups and organisations, and provide a hub through which their knowledge, experience and various initiatives can be pooled and networked for the benefit of all.

Our Ultimate Vision

We aim to create Salisbury's own Environment Centre (the EcoHub), for which we will need to obtain premises in central Salisbury. It will act as a hub for individuals and voluntary groups in the Salisbury area concerned with environmental and ecological topics and issues (including but not limited to the climate crisis) and provide:

> a space where all local people can go to meet others with similar concerns or to discover more about the climate and ecological emergencies;
> a climate cafe for socialising and a meeting space for groups and events;
> a display space for information publicising its various member groups and their activities to the public;
> information exchange and advice;
> support for those suffering from climate anxiety;
> and to educate and support people in the climate emergency;
> whilst also raising funds to cover costs.


We are still searching for the right premises for our new EcoHub, there are many vacant spaces in the city centre which could provide at least a temporary home until we find something more permanent.

EcoHub Membrshp Form

Membership Form
I wish to become a member of the Salisbury EcoHub Alliance when it adopts a formal structure, and to be consulted in that process. Please keep me informed of progress.


I hereby give permission for Salisbury EcoHub Alliance to hold my personal data for that purpose.


Note: whatever formal structure is adopted will be such as protects members (whether individuals or group representatives) from personal liability.

Members may join as an individual or as a representative of a group or organisation. If joining on behalf of an organisation, please also complete the following questions. 

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