Project Background

Salisbury Transition City has been working on a project along with members from Salisbury City Council, Salisbury BID & Wiltshire Council. The project has been funded by the National Lottery, Together For Our Planet. 

Our project aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of local businesses about their impact on the environment and provide those businesses with (or signposting them to) practical advice on how to be greener and reduce their carbon footprint.

We plan to do this by providing a (relatively simple to complete) questionnaire for businesses to complete. Once completed, the business will receive a useful information pack with hints & tips on how to ‘greenify’ their business further. 

The business will also receive a score in 5 different sections (Energy, Transport, Organisation, Products & Waste, Banking, Investment & Procurement) highlighting the areas where they are doing well or areas that could be improved. If a business scores high enough, they will be awarded a ‘green business badge’ to display with pride in their shop or website.

Recent research shows that 81% of customers feel ‘strongly’ that businesses should help improve the environment and help the UK government hit the target of becoming net zero by 2050.

Salisbury City Council’s objectives are detailed at, the first two of which apply to Salisbury as a whole:

  • Working to make Salisbury as carbon neutral as possible by 2030

  • Working with partners to achieve “clean air” in Salisbury (by 2022), in particular by taking action to reduce vehicle emissions, supporting public transport, cycling and walking

Salisbury Transition City (STC) was originally set up in 2016 to raise awareness of green issues and sharing good practices regarding green solutions by bringing together local community groups, green businesses, schools and others. 


Salisbury & District has well over 750 businesses, social enterprise companies and Community & Voluntary Sector organisations many of whom would like to go green(er) but simply don’t know where to start or indeed where to go for help and advice.

Overall Objective

STC aims, through this initiative, to:

  • Improve the knowledge and understanding of local businesses about how they currently impact on the environment, then 

  • Provide those businesses with (or signposting them to) practical advice on how to be greener and also reduce their carbon footprint.

How We Will Achieve This...

STC will develop (with input from key Stakeholders) a Green Business Award scheme (see below).



The Scheme will:

  • Be accredited by Salisbury Transition City;

  • Be based on an ‘Entry Level’ questionnaire which 

    • Asks simple questions on the company’s Energy Usage, Organisation, Finance & Procurement, Transport and Waste/Product.

    • Signposts helpful information in relation to each question as to how they might be able to improve

    • Takes a measure of how this information has helped increase their awareness as to what they can do

    • Has a scoring mechanism where an Entry Level Badge would be awarded to those meeting the standard.

  • Explain what a business needs to do to retain the Entry Level Badge

Are you a local business owner? We are currently looking for businesses who want to test the questionnaire and receive useful information about how to make your business greener! Please email to register your business!