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Environmental Campaigning

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Wiltshire Climate Alliance

Wiltshire Climate Alliance is an umbrella organisation for local people and groups to collaborate and campaign for action on climate change. The Alliance welcomes a wide variety of groups and individuals who care passionately about the challenges of climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment. Together we are stronger.

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Salisbury Eco-Hub

The Salisbury EcoHub Alliance exists to provide a space and network as a means for like-minded individuals, organisations and businesses to work together in the Salisbury area to promote awareness, facilitate action and provide information and education on a wide range of environmental issues, in particular the climate emergency.


Salisbury Extinction Rebellion

Education (+)

Hazel Hill Trust


Hazel Hill Trust is the charity which runs Hazel Hill Wood, a conservation, education and retreat centre 7 miles from Salisbury where people come to heal and learn through deepening their connection with the living world.


Salisbury Community Energy

SCE’s purpose is to drive the uptake of renewable energy locally to fight climate change.


Food and Drink

The Pantry Partnership


The Pantry Partnership is a social enterprise working in and around Salisbury. We rescue surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, make it into meals and deliver it to those who need it in our community.


 I own a mobile coffee van and would love to be able to get involved with more local events.. I try and use as many local suppliers as possible and support everyone.  e-mail:

Rozzie Coffee


Practical Conservation

Quidhampton Nature Project

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The idea behind the Project is to build awareness of our natural environment, amongst children and adults alike, and to promote activities that support the enhancement of that environment. 

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Salisbury Clean Up Group

Our Aim is to clear up litter in and around Salisbury!

Salisbury Wildlife Group


We area group of conservation volunteers who work with the Wiltshire Wildife Trust to help maintain reserves and wildlife areas across S Wilts and within the City.


The group carries out a variety of activities including scrub management, coppicing, tree felling, fencing, hedge planting, litter sweeps and controlling invasive plants. 


Stuff - Borrow Exchange Repair

Salisbury Local Exchange Trading Sckeme

Salisbury LETS.jpg

Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS) are a way of trading skills, services and goods without using conventional money. Under the LETSystem you could, for example, help one member with their computer, then use the amount you agree on in your local unit of exchange to have your grass cut by someone else. No direct swap is necessary. In monetary terms, the LETSystem is like a sophisticated form of barter. It offers free credit! It has to.


Salisbury Repair Cafe

Don't bin it, we may be able to ropair it!

There are now over 20 volunteers attached to the Café, and the enthusiasm to pass on repair skills to a younger generation is driving the development of our How to... Café.


Share Salisbury (A Library of Things)

Share Salisbury logo circle (nobackgroun

Share Salisbury (A Library of Things) is a social enterprise which gives the community access to borrow the things they need, without it costing the earth!




Cycling Opportunities Group Salisbury

Salisbury COGS


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