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STC Projects

Here are some of the projects we are currently supporting, if you would like to get involved or even start your own project, please get in touch using the form below!

Green Business Awards

STC has recently won lottery funding to roll out a Green Business Awardscheme which aims to celebrate local green businesses and encourage others to become a bit greener.

The badge will hopefully help the community of Salisbury shop with confidence knowing that their local is being kind to the environment.

This project is in the very early planning stages and as things develop, we will keep you all posted!

Salisbury Community Allotment

Join the Community Allotment Team who are learning to grow for food, putting any surplus into the St Michaels Community Fridge in Bemerton. They are looking for new members to help on their organic no-dig allotment off Coldharbour Lane!

Small monthly contributions will be required to cover rent and essentials such as delivery of manure, seeds, second hand tools and any tool hire required. Viewings can be arranged. Please contact Janey in the first instance on 07810 224 201.

Air Pollution Monitoring

We are hoping to join the worldwide citizen science sensor community ( that promotes, amongst other things, the monitoring of small particulate air pollution (PM 2.5). 

Do you have the skills, knowledge or enthusiasm required to join the air pollution monitoring team?

CLICK HERE for a project update

If you would like some more information or to sign up then please contact Elaine Reid at

Holes for Hedgehogs

We were approached to help with a project which aims to help local hedgehogs who are now on the list of threatened species.

The aim is to create a hedgehog superhighway by encouraging people to cut holes in their garden fences to enable hedgehogs safe passing without the need to cross roads (and risk being squished).

We have helped to design a flyer which will be distributed spring 2021, if you would like to get involved we have a Facebook group you can join or send us an email.

Trees & Hedge Planting


Since 2020 our member groups have worked with the City Council to get more planted. They should improve air quality, biodiversity, look nice or screen of something that doesn’t and eventually trap some carbon.

By April 2023 we will have planted over 2,200 mixed native hedging whips and over eighty native trees in Salisbury's green spaces with over 1,900 procured and or funded by our members. If you want to help contribute or find plants, funds, space or time to plant more or help maintain those we've planted then please get in touch. The next planting season starts in October!

20210320 Hedge Planting Churchill Garden

Share (A Library of Things)

This project was born from and supported by STC until it was time for it to become its own CIC.

We love this initiative as it promotes a circular economy while providing access to items that may have previously been affordable, only required for single use or impractical to store at home.

To browse the Library of Things, head to their website.

Salisbury EcoHub

The Salisbury EcoHub started as an STC project that was born out of an open meeting hosted by Salisbury Democracy Alliance and Salisbury RSA Fellows Network in May 2022. This meeting was called to discuss how Salisbury could most effectively address the climate and environmental crises.


On 4th July 2023, the project group registered with the Charity Commission as a CIO.

Together we are unstoppable!

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