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Salisbury Transition City aims to be a catalyst and partner to inspire, encourage and enable those who want to develop a plan for a sustainable Salisbury.  We cannot achieve much alone but when we work and learn from each other, playing to our individual strengths, we can achieve real change.

We are not politically affiliated to any party or movement; the issues are too large and important for that, because we are a grassroots movement, the drive for change will come from the community.

STC can trace its roots (and many of it's members) to 1992 and the Agenda 21 movement that formed after COP '92 in Rio.  By understanding where we have come from, the challenges we have faced and celebrating the many successes along the way, we can build a better Salisbury together.

Agenda 21: The Roots of STC

A little history lesson

Since its inception in 2014 and formal launch a year later, Salisbury Transition City has become an established organisation in the life of Salisbury.

Consulted regularly by both County and City Councils STC has been a prominent force in initiating, fostering and bringing about local changes in resource conservation, recycling, renewable energy and improvements in the local environment.  


A key achievement has been to raise awareness alongside other local environmental organisations of the need for the local community to adopt new, sustainable lifestyles. STC has become renowned for its annual Sustainable Salisbury event.

Promoting Sustainability since 2014!


STC has been involved in the launch of many great community led projects and initiatives and hopes to continue to be a springboard for brilliant sustainable projects in Salisbury and beyond. 

Still confused about Transition? These guys explain it best!

A few of the transition towns that have inspired us.


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'Doing Transition' is about finding the sweet spot between these...


We act on the best information and evidence available and apply our collective intelligence to find better ways of living.



We work with compassion, valuing and paying attention to the emotional, psychological and social aspects of the work we do.



We turn our vision and ideas into a tangible reality, initiating practical projects and starting to build a new, local, healthy economy.


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