Our Members

You can join STC as a group or as an individual member, listed below are all our member groups. If you would like to sign up please complete this form.

Wiltshire Climate Alliance

Check out their Interesting Stuff pages!

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Salisbury Wildlife Group


The defenders of local biodiversity!

The Pantry Partnership

This lot eat climate change for dinner!


Salisbury Repair Cafe

Putting communities and their things back together, one repair at a time!

Salisbury Community Energy

Power to the people, for the people, by the people!


Co-Delivery - Courier Service

The friendliest carbon-free courier in town!

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Salisbury LETS

Wanting to earn yourself some Ebbles? Get signed up!


Cycling Opportunities Group Salisbury


Pedal over here to find great local cycling routes and much more!

STC is a Proud Member of the

Wiltshire Climate Alliance

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