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The EcoHub is already working with other local voluntary organisations.

A number of local voluntary organisations have already taken advantage of the opportunity to promote themselves by sharing the EcoHub stall in Salisbury market.

Among the first were Climate Circus and Salisbury XR on September 3rd, (left) followed by Salisbury Transition City on September 10th, and September 17th.

On September 24th we were joined by Salisbury Wildlife Group, and on October 8th by Salisbury Community Energy (below), while we also shared a stall with Climate Circus at St Thomas's church fete.

On October 15th the market stall (again shared with Salisbury Transition City) was visited by the mayor, Cllr. Tom Corbin, and his deputy Cllr. Atiqul Hoque (top), and on October 29th we were partnered by Share Salisbury (below).

Organisations featured on the stall in November included Salisbury & Wilton Swifts (12th), COGS (19th) and Christian Aid (26th). On December 3rd we were joined by Stonehenge Heritage Action Group, and on December 10th by the Alebare Trust.

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The Salisbury EcoHub project came out of a meeting organised by Salisbury Democracy Alliance and Salisbury RSA Fellows Network in May 2022. In addition to those listed above, other local and community-based organisations which were represented at that founding meeting or have joined with us since include Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Salisbury NHS Trust, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Wiltshire Climate Alliance, Salisbury Civic Society, Pantry Partnership, Salisbury Repair Cafe, Nadder Community Energy and Salisbury City Council.

Salisbury Eco-Hub Alliance intends to work in partnership with all these organisations and others in the Salisbury area.

If your organisation would like to partner us on our stall, please contact us by email.

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