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      Transport arrangements 

We would love it if lots people from the Salisbury Area go to the WCA workshop and fundraising evening on 4th February 2023. If you haven't already booked a place or would like more information please visit the WCA website on this LINK then  come back here so that we can help get you there in the most sustainable way!

So.. You've booked yourself a place and perhaps bought a ticket to the evening party. If you would like to consider sharing lifts and perhaps (if we get enough people) take a minibus then please complete the form below. If it's going to be car sharing, we will try and match up people and put you in touch with each other.. that's why we have asked for your postcode.

Please complete this form if you would like us to help coordinate transport to Devizes

Car sharing/minibus questionnaire

Please note that by pressing the submit button you are agreeing to us sharing your contact details with other people who travelling to Devizes for this event

Thanks for helping to make travel arrangement greener! We will get back to you ASAP

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