Salisbury 2030

We live in a world where profit above people has become normal and the destruction of the natural world around us is accepted in the name of progress.  STC is not about progress, we are about transitioning the hearts, minds and hands of the community around us to create more than a new normal, we want to create a better normal.

Our Vision for Salisbury 2030

A City built from its people up, we only prosper when we ALL prosper.​

A City based around communality and community, working together in all spheres of life​.​

A City in balance with its environment and the natural systems on which we rely. Positively contributing to re-wilding and carbon neutrality.​​

The foundations of a better city

A vision for the whole City will only succeed if it is shared by everyone.  STC wants to be a catalyst and partner to encourage, enable and work alongside all those who want to develop and action a fully planned ‘road-map’ for a sustainable Salisbury.

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