Local Plan Consultation - Zoom Meeting


We are calling an extraordinary meeting to provide support and guidance for people who are trying to respond to Wiltshire Council’s Local plan consultations. The meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 2nd March on Zoom.


We feel that it is vital that as many people as possible respond  as these plan will set the direction in which Salisbury and Wiltshire will travel over the next decade and beyond. It is very difficult to complain about decision that are made about our future if we do not respond to consultation documents. This is our opportunity to shape the future!


At the meeting we will go through the plans and explain our concerns about many of the proposals. Wiltshire Council have created an overly complex process to respond to these plans but we cannot let that put us off. The aim of the meeting will be to make it as simple as possible for STC members understand the implications of the plans and how best to respond in order to Salisbury’s future is as sustainable as possible.


The meeting will be recorded so that people who are unable to attend can watch at a later date.


The closing date for the  consultation is 8th March, so we have no time to loose!

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